Name Artist Album
1 One Night On Earth - The Veils The Veils Nux Vomica
2 爱的要死 - 艾尔肯 艾尔肯 一千零一夜
3 I Was Made For You - Rivers Cuomo Rivers Cuomo Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo
4 Lost To The Lonesome - Pela Pela Anytown Graffiti
5 Going To A Town - Rufus Wainwright Rufus Wainwright Release the Stars
6 Fine Day - Fairways Fairways This is Farewell
7 All The Way To New York City - Rosie Thomas Rosie Thomas These Friends Of Mine
8 The New Boy - Mando Diao Mando Diao Ode to Ochrasy
9 More Than Ever - Bedhead Bedhead Transaction De Novo
10 We Don’t Try - Chris Garneau Chris Garneau Music For Tourists
11 爱像是昨天 - Ziyo Ziyo 回到我
12 Not Sure - Monarch Monarch Lowly
13 Better - Tom Baxter Tom Baxter Skybound
14 The Last Day Of Summer - The Cure The Cure Bloodflowers